Dreams Come true if you believe in them- Having an abundance mindset is all it takes.

Dreams Come true if you believe in them- Having an abundance mindset is all it takes.

Jashmita June 13, 2021

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How does it feel when everything you manifested to the universe you see it unfolding infront of your eyes?

It feels you are on cloud 9 right???

Yes you are correct.

Lets meet Mrs Jashmita Sayta, a young and beautiful self made entrepreneur today.

Jashmita is born in West Bengal in a conservative but supportive family. She completed her graduation and started working with MNC’s in Kolkata which was not 9 to 5 but 9am to 9pm and sometimes more.

It all started when Jashmita got married and his husband had transfers to different cities which made it impossible to get a job for her. Being an independent woman she always felt if you don’t earn you don’t have any value so she started with side hustles in Bhubaneshwar. She got a job in Weddingz.in as an Event Manager which was pretty good payed and she enhanced her sales and marketing skills .But then Covid Pandemic hit and she lost her job. It made everything uncomfortable for her and then her husband encouraged her to develop skills as this was the correct time to learn and be self employed rather being dependent on someone else and expecting pies in return of hard work. After researching and learning lot of free courses over internet She joined Digital Deepak Internship Program in May 2021 which changed her life.

She landed up with 5 high paying clients just after completing her internship in September 2021. With a lot of practice and skill enhancements she runs a digital Marketing Agency and also works as a Freelancer and Virtual Assistant for US clients.

Today in the year 2024 , She is successfully handling marketing for her husband’s fitness startup which is making 1Cr revenue annually. She is working as a marketing partner for her Events Company . Jashmita’s yearly turnover is 10 Cr and she aims to grow it 10 folds. She invests in share market and utilizes her finances wisely. She owns a row house at Bhubaneshwar, travels around the world 4 months in a year, has leased out 10 hill top tree houses in Himachal Pradesh and modified them into home office and co-working spaces for people who want rented peaceful work from home ambiance. She stays in one of the properties in frequently as she loves to work in the lap of nature. Her employees also have the privilege’s to stay at one of those home office setups if they wish to go out on a vacation and work. She has been an inspiration for all the young generations and her company is one of the most loved company as all the employees are well payed and are taken care of.

She has set up an organic farm in her garden as she is a Plant lover and also has a blog for DIY’s to decorate home Garden . Her page has 1 million subscribers. She believes “BE THE CHANGE” . She has also inspired more than 10K people to grow their own food.

She wants to help the community and her country with good employment opportunities and tries her best to accommodate maximum people with employment within her community. Her message for the generation is “ Being Lucky takes hard work”. There is no magic to achievement , its really about hard work , choices and persistence.


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